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Business Valuation

About us

Business valuation is the process of determining the overall worth of a company by considering factors such as financial statements, market trends, reputation, and intellectual property. Our experts use proven methodologies to provide a comprehensive evaluation tailored to your unique business landscape. This includes assessing assets, liabilities, financial performance, and other qualitative and quantitative factors. We utilize various methods like financial statement analysis, earnings analysis, comparable capital analysis, discount cash flow analysis, industry and economic analysis, management and industry risk assessment to arrive at an accurate evaluation. It's important to consult with experienced financial professionals who are certified in international evaluation standards for reliable results. Our evaluators have years of experience in the Georgian market.

evaluation process

Evaluation planing

Evaluation planning is crucial as it sets the foundation for the appraisal process. Whether it's for financial reporting, tax planning, or legislation purposes, the assessment approach and methodology may vary based on specific objectives and requirements.

Data collection and analysis

Data collection and analysis play a vital role in the valuation process. It involves gathering reliable, up-to-date data about the assets or company being valued, as well as relevant market and industry information that aligns with the purpose of the valuation.

Selection of evaluation methodology

The selection of the evaluation methodology is crucial in the valuation process. Whether it involves comparative analysis, present-day transaction analysis, or other methods, it is essential to choose an approach that aligns with the nature of the asset or company being valued.

Risk assessment

The risk assessment in valuation is crucial as it considers the risk factors associated with the assets or company being valued, including market risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk. These factors may impact the valuation outcome.

Analysis of valuation results

After conducting a valuation, it is crucial to thoroughly review and analyze the results. This involves identifying any discrepancies or inconsistencies and providing sound supporting data for the conclusions.

Preparation of valuation report

The preparation of an evaluation report is a crucial step in the process. It involves systematically documenting the entire evaluation process, including assumptions made, utilization of data, and providing a clear rationale for selecting the chosen methodology. A well-documented report not only supports the evaluation findings but also withstands scrutiny.

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