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tangible personal property valuation

Together with Industry specialists and certified appraisers

In any part of the country

According to the International Valuation Standards

Tangible Personal Property Valuation

Tangible personal property valuation encompasses a wide range of assets, from  business machinery and equipment to personal belongings  found in homes. Accurate valuation is crucial for various purposes such as taxation, insurance, litigation, and more. At our company , our certified Tangible personal property appraisers specialize in evaluate diverse item including equipment, household belongings, electronics, furniture, cars, machinery and more. Contact our team today for a complimentary consultation. We are eager to discuss your specific valuation requierements and provide you with a tailored solution that meets both your needs and budget.

Property evaluation process and report overview

After deciding to cooperate with us and selecting the  desired service, please provide us with the technical passport as well as any other information that is related to the property. Once we are informed about purpose of evaluation, our specialists will assist you in selecting the appropriate value to be appraised. During our  inspection of the property, We will capture multiple  pictures and assess its physical and functional condition.

Our evaluation reports encompass both functional and physical characteristics , terms of exploatation and remaining exploitation period, an analysis of property market, opinion on its hight and  best use, details about our evaluation process, as well as information regarding our chosen methodology.

Opening Car Door

Car valuation

When evaluating cars, the primary method used is the market approach. This involves studying the local market of the vechile to be evaluated, comparing  it to similar vehicles based on their physical and functional condition using evaluation elements.

The second most commonly used method is the cost method, which involves importing a similar vehicle and estimating its import cost before determining its physical, functional or economical depreciation and deducting it from the total cost.

Heavy equipment valuation

When appraising heavy equipment, our appraisers carefully inspect and study the operating condition of the equipment to determine the appropriate valuation methodology. If there is a significant presence of the similar equipment in the local market, we utilise the market approach for evaluation. in cases where importing from other countries is feasible, we employ the cost method to ascertain importation costs. Additionally, if renting out such equipment is common in the local market, we may consider using an income approach by capitalising on rental income. Ultimately , our valuation process involves at least two methods with their respective weights determining the final value.

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Specialized equipment valuation

Our team of evaluators conducts meticulos inspections and assesses the physical and functional condition of the mentioned equipment. through in - depth analysis of its operational performance and market demand, we determine the most appropriate evaluation methodology based on the type of value being assessed.

For such equipment, our primary approach is the cost approach - acquiring similar equipment to calculate depreciation and deduct it from the total cost. However , if local market condition allow for alternative valuation approaches, we give due consideration to those methods as well.

Furniture and appliances valuation

It is often necessary to evaluate the appliances and furniture in the building for various purposes. Appraisers determine their value by employing appropriate  valuation approaches such as market approach and cost approach.

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Bases of value in the property valuation

There are a different purpose of property valuation: financial, insurance, investment, for litigation etc. All they may need different type of value. According to International Valuation standards there are mainly six: Market Value, Market Rent, Equitable Value, Investment Value, Synergistic Value, Liquidation Value and other basis of value

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