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Real Estate Valuation

According to the International Valuation Standards

In any part of  the Georgia

Together with  IVS  certified appraisers

base2023 Your trusted partner in real estate valuation. Whether you are selling, buyin or investing in real estate, an accurate appraisal report is crucial for making  informed decisions. Our certified appraiser will reliably and accurately evaluate the real estate you are interested in. We understand the significance of precise property valuation  and utilise cutting - edge technology and comprehensive market analysis to provide fast, high-quality and accurate valuation service, but what truly sets us apart is our personalised approach  dedicated to ensuring our clients' needs are met.

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How do we evaluate real estate?

After deciding to cooperate with us and selecting the  desired service, please provide us with the cadastral code of the property as well as any other information that you believe may impact it's value. Once we are informed about purpose of your real estate evaluation, our specialists will assist you in selecting the appropriate value to be appraised. During our  inspection of the property, We will capture multiple  pictures and assess its physical and functional condition.

Our evaluation reports encompass both legal and physical characteristics of the property, an analysis of real estate market, opinion on its hight and  best use, details about our evaluation process, as well as information regarding our chosen methodology.

real estate valuation

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Valuation of business and business interests according to  international valuation standards by certified appraisers.

Business Valuation

 Residential real estate valuation

When evaluating the market value of an apartment, two main approaches come in to play: the market method and the income method. The market method also known as the sales comparison approach ,involves assessing an apartment's  value by comparing it with recently offered properties in similar locations. On the other hand, with the income method, we calculate an apartments  value based on its annual rent income or potential annual rent. In  additional to these two approaches for apartments, when evaluating a house, we can also consider another  approach called the cost method. This entails calculating  the construction expenses for similar house and factoring different types of depreciation to determine its overall value.


Commercial real estate valuation

The primary approach for commercial real estate valuation  is the income approach, which involves to calculating the annual net operating income from rent and determining the capitalisation rate (cap.rate) for the property being valued. The second most commonly used valuation method is the Market approach. This method compares the property being valued to similar apartments that are currently offered for sale.

If you are running the commercial space and want to assess its value, its important to consider not just the value of the real estate but also include an evaluation of any business assets associated with it. If you require such an assessment, feel free to proceed on this page.

Land plot Valuation

Determining the correct valuation methodology. when it's come to valuing land, there are several methods that can be utilised, including the market method, subdivisional development method, distribution method, extract method, residual value method and land capitalisation method. For a more extensive description of each methodology, you can find it here.


 Specialized real estate valuation

When it comes to specialized real estate, like industrial warehouses, mining properties, or civil properties, accurate assessment often involves evaluating  not only the real estate value but also the business asset value or personal property valuation. It is important to determine which type of valuation is  appropriate for your specific needs and how it can be set up correctly. feel free to contact us for guidance on selecting and implementing the most suitable valuation approach.

Bases of value in the property valuation

There are a different purpose of property valuation: financial, insurance, investment, for litigation etc. All they may need different type of value. According to International Valuation standards there are mainly six: Market Value, Market Rent, Equitable Value, Investment Value, Synergistic Value, Liquidation Value and other basis of value

Real estate appraisal
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