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 LLC   "Base 2023" -  is a group of experienced and certified appraisers, We have  been operating on the Georgian property market more than 10 years.

 Our goal is to provide honest, reliable and accurate service. The quality of valuation reflects on the right decisions of the client, which contributes to  the rapid economic development .

That is why we offer high-quality and international standards.

Quality real estate and movable property appraisal

The source of our valuation and research is statistical information from Public Registry of Georgia

statistical information form napr
georgian map

 service is available in any part of Georgia

უძრავი ქონების შეფასება, მოძრავი ქონების შეფასება, ინვენტარიზაცია

Address: Tbilisi, G. Kartozia St. N4

Phone:          +995 577 155 144

                     +995 577 650 101


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